Tuesday, 5 August 2008

All stars in hollywood are pregnant vanessa hudgens too?

Is Vanessa Hudgens pregnant? Just like Miley Cyrus's pregnancy rumor turning out to be a hoax, we hope Vanessa Hudgens not pregnant. However, Dotspotter.com's Vanessa Hudgens pregnancy story is an interesting reading

Does Vanessa have a baby behind the bloat, or did she just had one too many cheeseburgers at Micky D's? I'm personally rooting for the former. Just imagine Disney's next installment, "High School Musical 3: Teen Pregnancy." Star blogger snm10 has the story...

So lately everywhere Vanessa is seen in public, she's wearing loose dresses and flowing tops. Supposedly Disney producers are not happy for her. They planned on filming scenes of High School Musical 3 very soon but cant find cute clothes for Gabriel to wear because Vanessa is started to show! They might have to postpone the filming of High School Musical until after Vanessa hasher baby and gets back down top her size before becoming prego!